Kyle Jay

Kyle JayKyle got into dance the age of 19 having unsuccessfully first tried to pick it up at the age of five. Kyle studied Hip Hop dance under the guidance of Hip Hop choreographer, teacher and Nike athlete Kymberlee Jay. He has spent a great deal of his time studying, researching, and learning both Hip Hop and Funk Styles in great detail and as a result he is very well rounded and knowledgeable in these styles.

In his time as a dancer Kyle has be fortunate to have done a range of jobs. Amongst other things Kyle has worked with major sporting label Nike on numerous occasions, he has filmed instructional dance videos for BBC Blast and BBC 1Xtra, and stared in music videos for Sway and Kele Le Roc. Kyle has also performed at the ‘BBC Electric Proms’, and was a backing dancer for Uk Funky House artist including Zest, Versatile, Calista/Bongo Man, Gracious K, Katie Pearl, Katy B, Dotstar, Shea Soul and FR3E as part of Uk Funky Live (held in Wimberley arena).

Kyle hopes to be able to travel the world performing, choreographing, teaching and learning more about dance. One day Kyle also hopes to set up dance schools across the globe, to be able to give everyone, that may not have it, the chance and support to be part of a positive, educational and fun filled world of dance.