Mechanikool P

Mechanikool P Mekanikool is a UK poppin legend. He has worked extensively with Poppin Pete from the acclaimed pioneering group the electric boogaloos and poppin taco, the two dancers that created Michael Jackson’s unique dance style. He is the 2006 and 2011 UK poppin champion and appeared in several music videos. Mechanikool’s knowledge on poppin and the various styles within it is second to none. He has a passion for the dance and his greatest love is passing on his knowledge to new hungry dancers, always available for a chat or a jam it is our pleasure to have Mekanikool back year after year. If you want to work on your Poppin freestyle and learn from the best book today to guarentee you don’t miss out. Mechanikool P is also “Diversity’s” poersonal Poppin coach and Mentor.