Transform your dance ability and confidence when you join the Official Urban Strides Sr Crew


Surround yourself with positive and fun people


Express yourself and get creative


Grow in confidence with a like minded community

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What our Sr crew members say…

“I was the only one of my friends who liked dance so I always went to dance class on my own.  But when I came to Urban Strides they helped give me so much more confidence.  I went to other dance classes before but Urban Strides are so different from anything else I’ve been to before. It now feels so good to have my own Urban Strides community and I met my best friends through the Urban Strides Sr Crew. I’m so glad I decided to come to Urban Strides, I would describe it as amazing and life changing, it’s a big thing to be a part of.  If your nervous about starting don’t be, everyone is so friendly, you won’t regret it!”

Nicole Barwick – Uxbridge

The Senior Crew

Our senior crew was created to elevate your dance ability, bring a group of like-minded, passionate people together and to create something special you can be proud of. If you are 15 years of age or older ask yourself; Do you want to be a part of one of the UK’s most successful Street Dance crews, radically improve your dance ability, feel part of an exciting and dynamic team, perform on big stages, create original and innovative performances, and feel the tight bond that being part of the Urban Strides Official Dance Crew can bring? If the answer is yes you need to read on to find out exactly how you can make that happen.

Our unique 3 step method…

AThe Senior Crew is for the people who represent the Urban Strides family on the worldwide stage. At the heart of our education philosophy at Urban Strides is positivity, passion and having a lot of fun! We keep these foundations at the forefront of our training sessions. In order to achieve high levels of performance we also need to take things up a gear from our weekly classes. To take your dance ability to where it needs to be to perform with the Sr crew we focus on 3 key areas…

1 Positive action

To become successful in any area of life you must take consistent positive action. Sometimes life goes our way and sometimes it doesn’t but no matter what, we show you how to keep moving forward, keep taking steps and keep taking positive action. You will feel empowered and see some great results when you start to take consistent positive action. The Sr crew will open your eyes to your true potential and you’ll start to create a deep feeling of self-belief that anything is possible.

2 Performance Skills

You will learn the skill set and techniques required to deliver a high level performance within a team. Having an experience of what it’s like to work for an end goal like a show gives you a personal sense of achievement. You will experience the importance of teamwork and being a part of something special. Performance is about expressing how you feel through dance. We help you feel comfortable in expressing how you feel and give you the strength of character to put it out into the world in a supported environment. Your new performance skills will also improve your communication skills and help you in other areas of your life.

3 Professionalism

We find that personal progress must come from within. We open your eyes to what’s possible and help inspire you to push yourself to achieve what you’re really capable of. Aiming higher than you thought you could achieve is at the core of our ability to grow. We help raise your expectations of what you can achieve so you experience what it’s like to dream big and achieve. Your goal when being part of the Sr crew is to deliver a performance on a professional level. Many of our Sr crew members have dreams of being professional dancers, dance teachers or want to have the Sr crew as a hobby alongside work or study. Wherever you want to take your Street Dance ability you will be training and performing at a professional standard when you become part of the Sr crew.

What Sammi has to say…

“I think that coming to Urban Strides has definitely had a big impact on my life and my career. Before Urban Strides I didn’t really have any self confidence and being a part of the Official Sr crew and having such amazing supportive and friendly members really helped me to progress. As soon as my confidence grew, my dancing and my performance especially just improved. So these days I’m not afraid to try new things and takes risks…You should definitely audition for the crew, you never know where it may lead…”

Sammi Grover – Gt Kingshill

Who we are looking for

  • People who are willing to learn
  • People who have been Street Dancing for at least a year
  • People who feel confident as a Street Dancer
  • People who are willing to put the time effort and energy into becoming truly excellent.
  • People who have a strong passion for dance.

When it comes to creating an excellent dance crew dance ability is important, but it’s not the most important, after all we can teach you how to be an excellent dancer, its what we excel at. What we want is someone with the passion and performance capability to give there all on stage, rehearse till they drop and know when to have a laugh and be a part of a fun team.If you feel you have the right attitude-(because ultimately that’s what it’s all about) then you are exactly who we are looking for to be part of the Official Dance Crew.

Here are some of the benefits of being part of the crew

  • Train with the best instructors and choreographers in Europe
  • Receive huge discounts on classes, clothing and Urban Strides events.
  • Perform on some of the biggest stages in the world
  • Create and develop original and ground breaking performance pieces
  • Dramatically increase your dance ability

Weekly training

The Sr crew train every week for 3 hours on Saturdays between 3pm am 6pm at Bucks New Uni High Wycombe HP11 2JZ. Our training program dovetails seamlessly with our weekly class progression and will advance your dance ability and confidence levels at a fast pace. Because the crew is an auditioned based opportunity the techniques you will enjoy will be advanced. We are privileged to work with the highest level coaches and dance instructors..

During training you will be developing your confidence in performance skills, musicality, showmanship, teamwork and freestyle. The training is designed around fun and engaging exercises which will transform your core strength, co-ordination, creativity and fitness levels. We find the most successful approach is to make our training methods fun and exciting so you dramatically improve your confidence and fitness levels whilst having a laugh at the same time!

The whole philosophy and focus of the Sr crew is about feeling part of a tight knit family unit and striving for personal excellence in everything we do, not just in dance but in relationships with others. This mindset has allowed us to enjoy some incredible opportunities including over 100 arena performances and the Royal Variety show in the presence of her majesty the Queen

If you think having a positive work ethic and an understanding of commitment is important to your personal development I would suggest you will find our Sr crew weekly training an invigorating and refreshing change from anything else you may have experienced before.

What the professor says…

Urban Strides energy and enthusiasm are infectious, What an inspiration! Founder Andy Instone and the team at Urban Strides sets high standards and leads by example, they are supportive and encouraging to those needing help and are able to deliver a very powerful message to people”

Professor Valsa Koshy Head of Education– Brunel University


Hard work 1st then success.

We know this formula works and it's part of our Urban Strides philosophy. If you would like to be surrounded by a special mentality that will give you drive, confidence and help solidify a solid work ethic for life then The Sr Crew is an environment you will thrive in. If you work hard and commit yourself we are living proof you can achieve anything you desire but as the great Muhammed Ali once said, "I ran on the road long before I danced under the lights"

Therefore the goals and aims of the Sr crew are:

  • Improve your dance technique to an Urban Strides performance level

  • Be dedicated to training outside of the crew rehearsals

  • Bring a positive and passionate attitude to weekly training
  • Be a team player at all times
  • Be responsible to retain and practice choreography

Our instructors

Our teaching philosophy

Our primary focus is in creating a positive and energized environment whilst having a lot of laughs in the process. We have discovered the more relaxed you are the more likely you are to create your best work. Our instructors use individual goal setting techniques to ensure you’re clear on what you need to do to improve to the next stage. With a strong focus on you fulfilling your true potential.

Our instructors training program is at the forefront of the Street Dance world. We believe in order to get incredible results we need incredible instructors which is why our instructors undergo a minimum of 4 training and development programs per year.

You'll be in good hands, our qualified instructors have also taught...

Your Future

Many of our crew members enjoy incredible performance opportunities at venues like The Royal Albert Hall, the 20’000 seat O2 arena and on TV. But being part of the Sr crew is more than that. We have all types of people in our crew. Those that want to make Dance a career and those who want to perform at an exceptional level around education or a full time job.

Many of our Crew members have enjoyed success on TV shows like the X factor and at the time of writing we have 4 crew members touring on Michael Jackson’s “Thriller Live tour”. Our students who wish to become full time professional performers regularly win scholarships at full time dance colleges such as Performers, and Urdang academy.

Being a part of the Urban Strides Sr crew will prove to be a life enhancing experience and will give you opportunities you will be proud to share with your friends and family, but more than that it will give you a fantastic place for you to shine, fullfill your potential and show the world what you’re really capable of.

What Pete has to say…

“I’ve been to several dance classes from a young age but Urban Strides approach is so different to anything I’ve experienced before and it’s such a good thing.  There is no pressure but then there is also every opportunity.  I started from a beginner class then went to the Master class and now I’m in the Sr crew.  I started off a few years ago knowing nothing and now I’m performing with the Sr crew at the 02 arena in front of 20’000 people, it’s crazy…I still can’t quite believe it! If your at all nervous about auditioning for the Sr crew don’t be, just do it, trust me… you won’t regret it!””

Pete Losasso – Princes Risborough

Here is what we are looking for in members our Sr crew

  • Belief in Urban Strides values of hard work, dedication, commitment and fun!

  • Appreciate that becoming exceptional takes time and will not happen overnight
  • Understand that you may not be selected for every performance
  • Be an active ambassador for Urban Strides and the Sr crew

  • Ensure you attend every rehearsal and training session
  • Share the core belief that if you want something you have to work for it

Pete went from a total beginner to performing at the 02 arena in front of 20’000 people, discover how he did it, click on the video below…

Ask yourself

  • Have you watched dance shows on TV and always thought, “I could do that”
  • You like the idea of being surrounded with a positive group of people
  • You like having fun while you learn
  • You’d like to meet some new like minded and positive friends
  • You would like to feel a part of something that celebrates passion and a family atmosphere
  • You would love to develop a strong work ethic and sense of community

If you answered yes to any of the questions above I think the Sr crew could be exactly what you're looking for. Take a peek at the slider below to find out some of the achievements of our Sr crew:

Urbanstrides has...

  • Urban Strides has…

    … worked with Sir Richard Branson, James Corden and X-Factor winner Alexandra Burke to name but a few.

  • Urban Strides has…

    … appeared in 128 countries!

  • Urban Strides has…

    … been seen on 36 TV channels

  • Urban Strides has…

    … been viewed by a global audience of 1.73 billion people

  • Urban Strides has…

    … the distinction of being the first street dance crew in the world to open the Royal Variety Performance in the presence of Her Majesty the Queen

  • Urban Strides has…

    … performed on over 100 arena stages (that’s more than Lady Gaga)

What the Press say…

“This Street Dance class is hot, when the class begins you can see why it’s so popular”

Sanjoy Roy – The guardian


“Andy Instone’s Urban Strides company has done so much to give Hip Hop Dance credibility as an art form”

Kevin Berry – Journalist The Stage and Dance Europe.

Success Stories

Our crew members have lived some extraordinary experiences have a look below at some of crew members success stories:

Alex started at Urban Strides at one of our first classes taught by Andy Instone at the Lounge nightclub in Aylesbury.

"I first heard about Urban Strides because of my sister, she was performing at Activate which was a dance show at our local Theatre created to showcase youth dance talent. I saw Urban Strides perform and it look like a lot of fun so I thought I’d give it a go, little did I know where it would take me!"

Alex would come to class with a group of friends every week and get involved in the passion and flava of Urban Strides. Alex just started off at Urban Strides for fun and the community vibe it presented.

Alex's story started off with rejection first. Alex auditioned for the Urban Strides performance group in 2005 for our show at the Royal Variety performance and although he got through to the last round he narrowly missed out. Instead of staying down after this initial set back Alex got himself back to training and set about becoming a Street Dancer of considerable note. Alex attended our advanced masterclass on a Saturday and his passion for dance and his dedication meant he improved rapidly

"Looking back the 3 most important things Urban Strides has taught me are Positivity, Confidence and leadership"

Alex's training continued and his goal of being the crew came to fruition when he auditioned to be in The Urban Strides official crew in 2006 and was successful… Alex on stage at the O2 arena…

"The most important factors about being a part of Urban Strides is the confidence boost it gives you, the sense of achievement you feel and a real sense of freedom, being able to be exactly who you are surrounded by supportive people"

But Alex's sights were set higher. Having started in the crew he wanted to move through the ranks and become dance captain and in 2007 he realised his ambition.

Since becoming dance captain in 2007 Alex’s credits have included over 100 arena performances including shows at The Royal Albert Hall, the O2 arena, Mancester Men, sheffield arena and birmingham LG and NIA arenas. Performances alongside Dizzee Rascal, Sean Paul and X factor winner Alexandra burke as well as TV shows with James Corden and performances on Channel 4.

But at this point although Alex's performance career was taking off he was still working at PC world earning money by day and dancing at night.
"I was working in retail doing 9-5 5 days a week but it wasn’t what I wanted to do, I had a chat with Andy and luckily he gave me the opportunity to teach and work full time for Urban Strides which I’m very happy to say is my full time job"

One day Urban Strides founder Andy Instone and company manager Alison Mulford needed more computers as Urban Strides was expanding. Whilst at PC world Alex was serving. The following weekend at rehearsals Andy had a chat with Alex about what he wanted to do. Alex said his ambition was to teach and share his passion and love of dance with others.

Alex then started to train under the direct mentorship of Andy Instone (our founder) and he started to develop his teaching skills. Within an intensive 6 months of training Alex had started teaching his own Urban Strides classes. Then in 2010 he was one of the worlds first Street Dance teachers to undertake the World’s first Accredited Authentic Street Dance teacher training course,

Alex passed with flying colours and earned himself a distinction on the course and his path was set.

Alex is a great example of what hard work determination strong ambition - a lot of hard work and a humble mindset can achieve. "

"If you're nervous about coming to class don't be, everyone's in the same boat we all want to have fun, learn and most importantly be a family… you should do it! It's a lifetime experience you don't want to miss..."

Sammi is a perfect example of what you can achieve when you put your mind to it. Sammi came to class age 13 where she was quite shy and a little nervous. Since then she has blossomed into a confident, strong and focussed woman. Sammi started at the very beginning and used to attend Misbourne classes on a Thursday night. Since then she grew and auditioned for the senior crew, growing in confidence and performance ability. Sammi knew she wanted to be a professional dancer in her own right and put everything she had into making sure she gave herself the best possible chance. Sammi would attend several extra classes, Hip Hop Don’t Stop and would always be practicing her moves at home.

Sammi achieved her dream when she secured the role of Dance Captain on the world famous Michael Jackson’s Thriller tour. After 18 months touring the UK and Europe Sammi recently auditioned for the exciting Hip Hop Theatre show “Some like it Hip Hop” in west end theatres and she is currently understudying the lead role! Here’s Sammi just before going on stage at Some Like it Hip Hop…

We caught up with Sammi to see what she’s up to now, what it’s like “Living the dream” and how much of an impact her years with Urban Strides have ended up being to her career. So here she is telling you in her own words how she went from an Urban Strides beginner class to arena tours! Here’s Sammi mid slide during our support show for Sean paul…

Looking back at your time performing with Urban Strides how much of an impact do you think it had on your development and your life in general?
I think that being in the crew has definitely had a big impact on my life and my career. Before urban strides I didn't really have any self confidence and being a part of the crew and having such amazing supportive and friendly members really helped me to progress. As soon as my confidence grew, my dancing and my performance especially just improved. So these days I'm not afraid to try new things and takes risks and I feel being able to do this really helps to further yourself as a dancer and a performer. Performance was always a massive part of being in the crew and having this has helped me in my career so much. Performance is the first thing people look for and being able to naturally perform I think is a key factor to being a dancer. Sammi with the rest of the crew and international MTV award winner - Sean Paul...

What 3 things did you enjoy most about being a part of Urban Strides?
The three things I loved the most was meeting such amazing people and our crew was more like a family than a crew, how quickly I improved as a dancer, and how it built my confidence which I think was the biggest part of me becoming the dancer I am today…

How long before you plucked up the courage to audition for the "Official Crew"
I took the first opportunity I had to audition for the crew as I loved the weekly classes and desperately wanted more training and performing opportunities and didn't want to lose anytime! Sammi on stage with the crew at the 02 arena…

Why did you want to audition for the Urban Strides Official Crew?
I wanted to audition because I loved the classes so much and realised this was something I really wanted to take seriously and start thinking of for a career. I got to the stage where all I did was dance and practice so I knew I had to be in the crew!

How did you feel during the audition day for the Crew?
The day of the audition I felt very nervous because for me I knew if I didn't get in it would take me another year to wait to get in and I was desperate to get in as soon as possible. I was also excited because I worked so hard in class all the time and hoped it was paying off. The audition had a great fun atmosphere and just being there made me happy.

Was being a part of Urban Strides what you expected?
Being in the crew was more than what I expected. I learnt so many different styles, and learnt about freestyle, performing, choreography and just everything I needed. The performance opportunities were amazing especially for the age I was at as well.

What advice have you got for people who are auditioning for the crew?
The advice I would give to people auditioning for the crew is to just be yourself and show your personality and who you are more than anything. Work hard, keep motivated and don't ever let yourself get knocked back because not every audition is going to go your way but it's about fighting back and coming back stronger that builds you, and just to enjoy everything and take in all of the experience!

What are your 3 most memorable moments from being in the crew?
My three most memorable times from being n the crew would have to be: the banter that we all had on tour together ( especially Beno and graham dressing up in ballet tights for us and generally cracking me up!) , when we performed at Hay festival because I loved that set and it was such a fun trip, and the making of the urban strides DVD with the amazing cars, it was a very fun shoot!

What was your favourite performance?
My favourite performance would have to be from tour at the O2 arena. Walking out and performing on that stage in front of that many people was just amazing.

What was your favourite choreography?
The whole set at Hay festival for me was my favourite choreography. I loved the song choices, I loved the routines and the whole idea. It was a 20 minute set and I was the only girl involved and I had such a great time with everyone and learnt a lot from this set!

How well did your time with Urban Strides prepare you for your career?
My time with urban strides helped me a lot with my career. I was a part of the crew for 4 almost 5 years and I think having that much experience of performing and having already built up my cv was a massive help for me getting into college and other opportunities. Having the ability to perform well has helped me a lot and just generally having trained for that long in many styles I felt was as versatile as I could be going into the industry.

What was your most memorable piece of advice you still use today that you got from your time with Urban Strides?
My most memorable advice I received from urban strides was to dance like no one is watching! That's how I feel and what I think about in auditions because work is limited in this industry and the isn't time to be nervous and forget steps, you just have to be confident and give it your all and just letting yourself go, enjoying yourself and dancing like no one is there and your in your bedroom!

What advice would you give for young dancers who want to follow your path and audition for the Urban Strides crew?
For people who have the same ambition as I have and wish to take the same steps I would just say to always believe in yourself and to work very hard and always keep determined. Train as much as you can and never become complacent. Auditioning for the crew is really beneficial and has guided me towards my career so much.

Any other bits of info, advice, or wisdom you have that you want to share?
If there was anything else I would say it is to always stay humble and always be kind and respectful with everyone you work with. Being talented is important but being a good character to work with is even more important. This is also one of the best bits of advice I received from being in the crew. The dance industry is quite often about who you know, and being a friendly and easy person to work with is always going to help you! Good luck to everyone :)

Here is what Sammi had to say recently about her time with Urban Strides:

So i joined Urban Strides when i was 13, i started attending the Misbourne classes and eventually auditioned and became a part of the crew. Being in urban Strides was the best thing at that age. It helped me build my confidence massively, not only dance wise but also in general life. I met so many amazing friends who i am still very close to today and i learnt so much from Andy and all the teachers he brought in. I feel like being a part of Urban Strides has been such a good asset to my dancing career as i was introduced to hip hop styles very early and we had such good training. I feel as i grew up i had a massive advantage having being trained in such styles. Being a part of Urban Strides is also awesome as it gives you great performing opportunities! To think i had been on stage and performed at the 02 arena by the time i was 16 was amazing and i'm so grateful for the opportunities we had as many professional dancers don't even get that opportunity! Its great to be learning so many things from different styles, to freestyle, to dancing with dynamics, to creating your own choreography and to having that drive that you need as a dancer!! Urban Strides is a great place to do what you love, with people that you love that all share the same passion :)

Here is a selection of the Sr crew’s performing credits:

TV Work

  • Alesha Dixon Street Dance stars season 1,2,3
  • Glastonbury main stage - BBC1, BBC3
  • Born to shine – Choreography and consultancy – ITV 1
  • Urban Dance explosion advert channel 4, MTV, MTV base
  • CDUK DVD adverts- ITV, Channel 4, E4
  • Phat moves DVD – MTV, Living,
  • Blue peter - BBC 1
  • The Royal Variety Performance - ITV1



  • World Hip Hop Championships
  • Street Dance XXL – (Previously Street dance weekend)
  • Street Dance International
  • The Jump off
  • Nike Face off – T mobile stadium - Prague

A selection of live performances

  • Royal variety performance – Cardiff
  • London O2 arena
  • Manchester MEN
  • Birmingham LG
  • Newcastle Metro arena
  • Royal Albert Hall
  • Sky Arts Hay festival
  • Sheffield Hallam arena
  • Dublin RDS
  • Belfast Odysey
  • Sadlers wells
  • Brighton Dome
  • Milton Keynes Ambassadors Theatre

Why join the Urban Strides Sr crew?

1 Performance

You will enjoy performance opportunities on big stages in touring theatres, showcases and arenas. You will be fast-tracked to achieve a high level of performance in a much shorter time. You will be shown step by step how to produce high quality choreography and have the chance to perform solo spots when you are ready. You will soar in confidence when you have the opportunity to show your skills in front of a live audience.

2 Pride

Being in the Sr crew will put you in the top tier of Street Dancers in the UK. Being a part of something that operates at an elite level will instill a solid sense of self belief and achievement that you can attain something of a high standard. This level of competence and confidence will filter through into other areas of your life demonstrating that you can take opportunities and achieve. Getting in the Sr crew is no easy feat and when you achieve this level it will be something you will definitely want to tell your mates about!

3 People

Surrounding yourself with other positive and passionate minded people will give you a sense of belonging which is imperative for your development. Because of this mentality we find that Sr crew members find like-minded friends that think and feel the same way. We often find that Urban Strides crew members become more like a family. This gives you a unique sense of community outside your everyday life. With a philosophy of teamwork, striving for excellence and a belief that hard work gets results our fun and “Aim higher” attitude seems to attract happy, passionate people with a positive can do attitude….Plus we like to laugh….a lot ;)


Kind words from our celebrity friends

Myself and Channel 4 needed some Street Dancers for the opening of one of our shows and Urban Strides was our 1st choice. Working with Andy and the Urban Strides team is always a pleasure, he makes the whole process a lot of fun and ensures we get a high quality performance at the end. He put me and my team at ease and before we knew it we were dancing like pro’s! We needed humour in the piece and Andy’s flexible nature meant we could create something funny we thought the audience would enjoy. His creative suggestions and execution was spot on. I would heartily recommend Andy and Urban Strides for any Street Dance experience whether it’s the opening of a TV show, the Royal Variety performance or a weekly class for a total beginner. Urban Strides make it fun, positive and an exciting experience-with their incredible passion and professionalism you can't help but want to get up and dance!

James Corden

James Corden


We are committed to ensure excellent education is affordable. Our programs are paid for on a monthly basis in order to keep costs as low as possible. We feel its right for you to be in control which is why we believe in the following principles:

  • No long tied-in contracts
  • Money back guarantee
  • If you stop early we miss out not you

Sr crew members receive 50% reduction on any additional weekly classes

Payment Plan

Sr crew fees are split into affordable monthly payments starting from as little as


per month

Click Here to register for the next audition

We run our Sr crew training every Saturday afternoon during school terms and break during the Summer, Easter and Christmas holidays. For simplicity we split your class fees into smaller monthly payments.

If after your first class it isn’t the best dance class you’ve ever been to let us know and we’ll give you a full refund no questions asked.


If you feel this opportunity is for you we would love to see you and your child at the auditions and will relish the opportunity to create something new and exciting with you that will enrich everyone’s life that is involved.

When are the auditions?

We hold auditions once a year in January. To get ahead of the crowd you can register your interest now. Fill in your details below and as soon as we have confirmed then new audition venue and times we will let you know.

Date: Sunday 18th January 2018
Venue: Bucks New University, High Wycombe, HP11 2JZ
Time: Juniors 10am Seniors 1.30pm
Cost: £5

You can also like us on facebook to make sure your kept in the loop with everything Urban Strides

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The urban Strides Junior crew are a dynamic and exciting group of young people showcasing a high level of authentic street dance performance.

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