Weekly Street Dance classes guaranteed to inspire you and transform your dance ability


Surround yourself with positive and fun people


Express yourself and get creative


Grow in confidence with a like minded community

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What our adult dancers have to say...

“My friends and I have been to many different street dance classes over the years and I have learned more in one term of Urban Strides classes than I have in 8 yrs of previous classes. Keep doing what your doing!”

Charlene Newell – Uxbridge

3 step method

An Urban Strides class is a completely unique experience for you. We follow our proven 3 step method which ensures you get results that far exceed the norm. Our unique approach means not only do you have more fun but you become stronger, fitter and better at Street Dance in half the time of an average class. Here is our unique 3 step method:

1 Confidence

Our main aim is to ensure our students feel happy and secure enough to give their very best. When you feel confident and you’re in a positive state of mind you create your best work. Our 1st step is to help give you solid sense of self belief and physical confidence.

2 Clarity

We teach authentic Street Dance, real moves learnt from the pioneers of Street Dance themselves. By teaching the real deal moves and their history our students have a unique clarity about Street Dance culture that 99% of dancers never get. By training in the purest forms we cut out the majority of fluff that doesn’t significantly improve your dance ability.

3 Creation

Once you feel confident and have clarity on what Street Dance really is you can then create and freestyle in your own way. Being independent and following your own flava is what makes Street Dance so appealing. You can enjoy being who you really are. We understand this journey better than most and we know exactly how to teach you to freestyle with confidence and create your own moves on demand so you can take what you learn in class to parties or clubs to make sure you are cutting the right shapes on the dance floor

What our students have to say…

“I found out about classes on the internet. I signed up for a beginner class and before I came I was really nervous, but it’s like a big family vibe. The thing that is different with Urban Strides compared to other classes I’ve been to is you’re made to feel part of the family straight away. I’ve been to other classes where you pay your money, do your choreography and go home. Where as at Urban Strides you get to have fun, have a laugh, meet new people and you get to do really good dancing. It’s an authentic Street dance experience you won’t get any where else, you learn the names of the moves, where they’re from and that really adds to the whole experience. I suggest you just sign up and do it. You won’t regret it, I haven’t and I’ve been coming for 4 years!”

Paul Vasey – High Wycombe

After 12 months you will

  • Be brimming with self confidence and the "feel good" factor
  • Have met new like minded passionate and positive friends
  • Become stronger, fitter and have more physical confidence
  • Feel like you belong somewhere that appreciates you for being you
  • Learnt 5 Street Dance styles: Breakin, Locking, Popping, Hip Hop and House

Perfect for beginners

Get in the groove, have fun


Learn more styles and more moves every single week.


If it's not the best dance class You've ever been to we'll give you Your money back. Simple.

It's ideal for…

Absolute beginners

If you have never been to a dance class before and you’re nervous about taking the plunge our beginner classes are perfectly pitched to help you. You’ll gain physical confidence and raise your self esteem within dance. This class makes you feel positive and that you can achieve any challenge that gets thrown at you.

Intermediate dancers

Perfect for you if you have dance experience and would like to take yourself to the next level by the most qualified Street Dancers in the UK. You will gain exciting new skills and learn the moves that “wow” a crowd. Urban Strides is ideal for you if you have a real passion for dance and you have a desire to take your standard to the next level. You’re probably attending other classes right now or have done so in the past but you know your capable of more. Now’s the time for you to take the next step.

Advanced dancers

If you’re 100% committed to transforming your level of dance to an exceptional level then the advanced level is exactly what you need. You will be super passionate about dancing and you’ll probably find you’re absolutely transfixed by everything dance related! If this is the case it sounds like you’ll fit right in with all of our advanced dancers!

Our advanced dancers have gone on to perform with the likes of Will I Am and Leona Lewis, on TV shows like the X-Factor and on arena tours such as Michael Jacksons, “Thriller Live”. Our advanced level is perfect if you would like to be in our Urban Strides professional performance crews, or you would like to become an Urban Strides professional teacher.

What the professor says...

“Urban Strides energy and enthusiasm are infectious, What an inspiration! Founder Andy Instone and the team at Urban Strides sets high standards and leads by example, they are supportive and encouraging to those needing help and are able to deliver a very powerful message to our people”

Professor Valsa Koshy Head of Education– Brunel University

This is for you if...

  • You've always wanted to dance but never had the courage to take the leap
  • You've watched dance shows on TV and always thought, "I could do that"
  • You would like to try something new that gets you healthier and fitter
  • You like the idea of being surrounded with a positive group of people
  • You like having a laugh while you learn
  • You’d like to meet some new like minded positive and passionate friends
  • You would like to feel a part of something that celebrates a family atmosphere


Our teaching philosophy

Our primary focus is in creating a positive and energized environment whilst having a lot of laughs in the process. We have discovered the more relaxed your child is the more likely they are to create their best work. Our instructors then use individual goal setting techniques to ensure your child is clear on what they need to do to improve to the next stage. With a strong focus on each child fulfilling their true potential

Our instructors training program is at the forefront of the Street Dance world. We believe in order to get incredible results we need incredible instructors which is why our instructors undergo continued rigorous training and development programs every year.

You'll be in good hands, our qualified instructors have also taught...

What do our students say?

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Places for our classes are limited jump the queue and find your nearest class today



Performance opportunities and crews

If you would like the opportunity to perform we also have our Street Dance crew which is a group of elite Street Dancers all with a passion for teamwork and creating something truly exceptional.

Take a peek at the slider below to see some of the achievements of our performance crews.

Urbanstrides has...

  • Urban Strides has…

    … worked with Sir Richard Branson, James Corden and X-Factor winner Alexandra Burke to name but a few.

  • Urban Strides has…

    … appeared in 128 countries!

  • Urban Strides has…

    … been seen on 36 TV channels

  • Urban Strides has…

    … been viewed by a global audience of 1.73 billion people

  • Urban Strides has…

    … the distinction of being the first street dance crew in the world to open the Royal Variety Performance in the presence of Her Majesty the Queen

  • Urban Strides has…

    … performed on over 100 arena stages (that’s more than Lady Gaga)

What the Press say...

This Street Dance class is hot, when the class begins you can see why it’s so popular
Sanjoy Roy – The guardian

“Andy Instone’s Urban Strides company has done so much to give Hip Hop Dance credibility as an art form”
Kevin Berry – Journalist The Stage and Dance Europe.

Why urban strides?

1 Opportunities

Should you wish to take your dance to the next level we have our professional performance crews who have performed at the Royal Variety Performance in the presence of Her Majesty the Queen as well as performing alongside artists like Dizzee Rascal and X-Factor winner Alexandra Burke. We also have regular Street Dance camps (Hip Hop Don’t Stop) and workshops with Street Dance pioneers. This year we had one of Michael Jackson’s body popping teachers fly over from America to come and do a workshop with our students. We are committed to ensure you have unique opportunities you would not normally experience. We also have our parties and socials where you get to let your hair down with your fellow Urban Striders with an awesome club night, with good music. (I know…good music is a rarity!)

2 You'll be in good company

We tend to attract like minded people with a positive and passionate outlook. People who like to have a laugh while they’re learning and have a passion for getting into something new. Our atmosphere at class is one of positivity and a commitment to go for new challenges. Because of this shared positive and passionate outlook our students often make new friends for life. Once you find the Urban Strides vibe you tend to want to be around it as much as possible. You will find Urban Striders are the kind of people who want to help you achieve your dreams and ambitions and build you up so you feel you can achieve them. It’s not uncommon for our students to get the confidence to go for new challenges in other areas of their life, we have seen that the confidence we give at class injects positivity into other areas of our students lives. We often find that Urban Striders become friends for life. With our philosophy of teamwork, striving for excellence and a belief that hard work gets results our fun and “Aim higher” attitude seems to attract happy, passionate people with a positive can do attitude….Plus we like to laugh….a lot ;)

What students say...

“I was the only one of my friends who liked dance so I always went to dance class on my own. But then when I came to Urban Strides they helped give me so much more confidence. I went to other dance classes before but Urban Strides are so different from anything else I’ve been to before. It now feels so good to have my own Urban Strides community and I met my best friends through Urban Strides. I’m so glad I decided to come to Urban Strides,
I would describe it as amazing and life changing, it’s a big thing to be a part of. If your nervous about starting don’t be, everyone is so friendly, you won’t regret it!”

Nicole Barwick – Uxbridge (Pic is of Nicole rehearsing at the O2 arena! 🙂


Kind words from our celebrity friends

Myself and Channel 4 needed some Street Dancers for the opening of one of our shows and Urban Strides was our 1st choice. Working with Andy and the Urban Strides team is always a pleasure, he makes the whole process a lot of fun and ensures we get a high quality performance at the end. He put me and my team at ease and before we knew it we were dancing like pro’s! We needed humour in the piece and Andy’s flexible nature meant we could create something funny we thought the audience would enjoy. His creative suggestions and execution was spot on. I would heartily recommend Andy and Urban Strides for any Street Dance experience whether it’s the opening of a TV show, the Royal Variety performance or a weekly class for a total beginner. Urban Strides make it fun, positive and an exciting experience-with their incredible passion and professionalism you can't help but want to get up and dance!

James Corden

James Corden

Stacey Soloman

“Working with Andy has been a great experience! He’s helped me think about my performances in a new way and we had so much fun! Andy and Urban Strides are not only great performers but their positive energy and passion is infectious. I would definitely recommend Andy and Urban Strides, whether it’s for a street dance course or a show at the O2 arena, they’ll wow you with their passion and professional attitude and you’ll have a lot of fun whilst doing it!”

Stacey Soloman


We are committed to ensure excellent education is affordable. Our programs are paid for on a monthly basis in order to keep costs as low as possible. We feel its right for you to be in control which is why we believe in the following principles:

  • No long tied-in contracts
  • Money back guarantee
  • If you stop early we miss out not you

Payment Plan

Our classes are split into affordable monthly payments starting from as little a


per month

Discover your nearest class

We run our classes during school terms and break during holiday periods. For simplicity we split your class fees into smaller monthly payments.

If after your first class it isn’t the best dance class you’ve ever been to let us know and we’ll give you a full refund no questions asked.

Places are limited, jump the queue and find your nearest class today


1. What do I wear?

We are super chilled about clothing at Urban Strides, our philosophy is be who you are! With that being said we would recommend trainers with a good sole for cushioning, loose fiitting clothing like tracksuit bottoms and a loose T-shirt, so you can move about freely.

2. What do I need to bring?

Plenty of water, fresh fruit to replace energy, a warm hoody or coat to ensure your muscles are kept warm when you leave, heaps of passion, a smiley face ohhh and a Mars bar for the teacher, that’s essential ;)

3. I'm nervous about coming on my own?

That’s understandable! Whenever you try something new it can be exciting and nerve wracking at the same time. 90% of our Urban Strides students come on their own the first time. On arrival you will be welcomed by your class assistant and instructor who will make you feel relaxed and at ease. Before long you would have made new friends and will look forward to seeing them every week at class. Many people spend too long plucking up the courage, make it happen, come along and see for yourself. One of our students recently commented that she took 8 months to pluck up the courage and now she’s in class she wished she would’ve started sooner! Don’t waste time, come down and try it after all if you don’t love it you have your money back guarantee.

To find your nearest class click here

4. How do I progress?

We have progression paths for everyone. If you want to improve faster we have weekly intermediate and advanced classes as well as 3 times a year we have our all day Street Dance Camps with the best instructors in Europe. We have performance crews if you want to perform and the world’s first government accredited Street Dance teaching diploma if you want to make a career out of Street Dance.

5. Are we tied in to a long contract?

No. Payments are taken month by month and if you’re circumstances change simply give us one months notice and you can leave at any time.

6. Do all of your instructors have a DBS (formerly CRB check)?

All of our instructors have an enhanced DBS check and our qualified instructors also hold the worlds first accredited street dance teacher training diploma as well as a level 1 child protection training certificate.

7. What if I don’t like it?

If after the 1st class you don’t feel it's the best dance class you’ve ever been to let us know and we’ll refund your payment. Simple as that. You have nothing to risk and everything to gain.

8. What if classes are full?

Our classes often fill up, if places are unavailable you will be placed on a waiting list where you will be notified on a first come first basis when places become available. We do limit our class sizes, to make sure you're not disappointed ...

...find your nearest class and reserve your place today by clicking here