Build confidence, transform your Street Dance skills and learn 6 months of moves in just 5 days


Surround yourself with positive and fun people


Express yourself and get creative


Grow in confidence with a like minded community

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What our students have to say...

“I would do Hip Hop Don’t Stop again and again. It was a really fantastic experience. The atmosphere was so great… I couldn’t stop smiling! This was my 4th time but I found it the most useful. I’ve been dancing for a while but was so terrified of freestyling… This event has changed my attitude completely! I’ve done it 3 times before and absolutely loved it! Absolutely fantastic!! Hip Hop Don’t Stop was inspiring and so worth the money!”

Di Babei – Bedford

Why come to Hip Hop Don’t Stop?

Hip Hop Don’t Stop is a unique Street Dance camp unlike anything else you’ve experienced. When you spend 3-5 days at Hip Hop Don’t Stop you will transform your confidence and you’ll significantly improve your dance ability. We cherry pick from the world’s leading Street Dance instructors and bring them together under one roof so you can experience them all in one place.

Our revolutionary approach at Hip Hop Don’t Stop will ensure you discover things you never new, be introduced to passionate like minded friends who share the same love for dance as you and make you feel self motivated and inspired…if it doesn’t, let us know and we’ll give you your money back. After many sell out Hip Hop Don’t Stops our guarantee shows how confident we are you’ll have the time of your life.

Our unique 3 step method...

1 Foundation

The techniques you learn have been passed down by the pioneers of Street Dance themselves (sometimes they even teach at the event!) Making sure you have the right moves is only half the story. The other side to a solid foundation is self belief and confidence in what you do. We will show that you can achieve anything you set your mind to and open your eyes to real deal authentic Street Dance movement. After the event you will feel twice as confident as you develop a much deeper understanding of everything to do with Street Dance culture.

2 Progression

Once you learn the foundations the next step is to create new movements with it. Working with our elite instructors you will experience brand new movements and variations you would never have seen before. Every instructor brings a new element to every Hip Hop Don’t Stop event so you will always have something BRAND NEW to learn. The speed of your progression will sky rocket as you immerse yourself in a positive can-do environment.

3 Freedom

Your own individual sense of flava and feeling is one of the most unique aspects of Street Dance culture. Once you have the foundations, you will feel confident and knowledgeable. It’s now time to start exploring your own moves and individuality within the dance. Guided by our Masterful instructors you will be invited to create and develop your own movement and you’ll feel super confident about your dance ability and how you like to perform the steps. When you reach this stage you’ll experience a unique sense of freedom and liberation that is unlike anything you’ve felt before.

What our Participants have to say...

“It was AMAZING… UNFORGETABLE! I really enjoyed gaining more understanding and depth about dancing plus feeling more confident. It was
Absolutely AMAZING. Something nobody should miss. I felt lucky to have the experience.”

Jannica Gordon – High Wycombe

After Hip Hop Don't Stop you will

  • Have a solid grasp of Street Dance foundations
  • Have made some new friends and laughed... a lot!
  • Have the confidence to freestyle on your own
  • Learnt brand new choreography and new foundational variations
  • Have spent time engaging with those at the top of the Street Dance scene

Meet new friends

Get in the groove, have fun and grow your confidence


Learn more styles and more moves every single day.


If it's not the best dance class You've ever been to we'll give you Your money back. Simple.

What our international instructors have to say...

“I had an amazing couple of days at Hip Hop Don’t Stop, Urban Strides are doing an amazing thing in the UK. I have so much love and respect for Urban Strides for training the next generation of Street Dance ninjas! Training in mind, body and spirit is vital to ensure the culture and styles of Street Dance are taught properly and Urban Strides have it down to a tee. If you want your children to gain the right knowledge then send them to Urban Strides! Thanks so much for having me I’m honoured to be a part of it all”

Bagzi – Hip Hop Don’t Stop instructor, Winner “House” Juste Debout UK

Who Hip Hop Don’t Stop was created for

People who want to be surrounded by a positive and passionate atmosphere where you feel you can achieve anything. People who want to feel free and explore different Street Dance styles. People who love good music! People who love Street Dance and are committed to stepping up their game. People who are willing to take risks and push themselves. People who care about authentic Street Dance and want to make sure they’re learning the movements correctly. People who want to let go! People who have a positive outlook on life and want to have incredible experiences with other like-minded people. People that understand to get better you should learn from the best instructors. People that know in order to progress you must invest in yourself, take opportunities and strive for the best Street Dance education available.

What Helayna has to say…

“You should definitely come! I was nervous before I first came, I think everyone is…but as soon as I got here I made so many new friends! Just do it!

Helayna Liviero – Aylesbury

To be the best you need to learn from the best

You will learn the same techniques, tips and skills as the world’s leading 2% of Street Dancers. Our instructors have worked with international artists such as Dizzee Rascal, Will.I.Am, Beyonce, Snoop Dog, Alicia Keys and Jay Z.

Your instructors will give you the techniques and skills held by the world’s elite and the same tips that have won our instructors national and world championship titles as well as putting themselves on the Judging panels for the world’s biggest international competitions such as Juste Debout and the World Hip Hop Championships held in Las Vegas.

What the press say...

“Andy Instone’s Urban Strides company has done so much to give Hip Hop Dance credibility as an art form”

Kevin Berry – The Stage, Dance Europe.

What a day at Hip Hop Don’t Stop looks like

A typical Hip Hop Don’t Stop day will start at 9.30 am. You’ll be introduced to your brand new instructors for the day and then enjoy a fun warm up that will get you in the mood and put a big smile on your face! At 10 am you’ll begin your workshops. You will have 3 x 90 min workshops per day with different internationally recognised instructors teaching you different moves and knowledge every single day.

Each instructor will be focussing on a different area of your development so by the end of the event you will have covered the most essential areas to transform your dance ability. You will have plenty of break time in between your workshops to ask questions and practice any steps you particularly love. The day finishes around 4.30 pm where you’ll have the choice of showing the moves you learnt, watching instructors freestyle and enjoying the Hip Hop Don’t Stop party vibe! (Please note specific timings and timetable will be issued upon booking)

What Josh had to say...

What Josh had to say…
“I really enjoyed how the teachers taught me and made me love dance even more, unbelievably breath taking, there’s nothing else like it” – Josh Jung

Leading from the front

Hip Hop Don’t Stop is led by one of the world’s leading Street Dance educators and our Founder, Andy Instone. Andy has spent the last 15 years travelling around the world learning from the pioneers in every Street Dance style so he understands more than anyone what it takes to transform your dance ability, knowledge and confidence.

“Hip Hop Don’t Stop was born from a desire to give the most up to date, important and inspirational Street Dance experiences to our students so they could transform their dance ability and confidence levels in a matter of days. We hand pick the very best instructors and judging by the overwhelming feedback we receive at the end of each event we seem to be doing the right things in the right way”

Andy Instone
Urban Strides Founder
Creator of The world’s only accredited authentic Street Dance teacher training level 4 diploma

What the professor says..

“Urban Strides energy and enthusiasm are infectious, What an inspiration! Founder Andy Instone and the team at Urban Strides sets high standards and leads by example, they are supportive and encouraging to those needing help and are able to deliver a very powerful message to our people”

Professor Valsa Koshy Head of Education– Brunel University

What our international instructors have to say...

“Andy Instone’s passion drew me to the event. I saw Andy’s work and how passionate he was about educating the truth about Hip Hop. In Hip Hop dance there’s so much dilution of the culture out there, so when I see an organization like Urban Strides who are teaching the truth and are committed to helping the art form then I want to help support the Urban Strides movement. If I can be a part of that then I feel privileged. I found everyone so welcoming and open it was just pure love! You don’t get that at many workshops. At Hip Hop Don’t Stop you get to really share and exchange with the students, With the quality of instructors you’re getting at Hip Hop Don’t Stop I’d come as a student and learn! There’s too much knowledge here!”

Mark “Swarf” Calape – Animanics, Got to Dance, Cirque Du Soleil Las Vegas

Discover what Lucia had to say about her experience...

Hip Hop Don’t Stop is ideal for you if...

1 You are new to Street Dance culture

If you have never been to a Street Dance camp before and you’re nervous about taking the plunge Hip Hop Don’t Stop is perfect for you. You’ll gain physical confidence and raise your self-esteem within dance. Hip Hop Don’t Stop makes you feel positive and that you can achieve any challenge that gets thrown at you. You will transform your dance ability in a matter of days, far quicker than if you just attended evening classes. The positive and passionate nature of our instructors understand that we were all beginners once and their support and encouragement ensures you get the best possible introduction to real Street Dance culture.

2 You’re an Intermediate dancer

Perfect for you if you have dance experience and would like to take yourself to the next level by the most qualified Street Dance instructors in Europe. You will gain exciting new skills and get the moves that “wow” a crowd. Hip Hop Don’t Stop is ideal for you if you have a real passion for dance and you have a desire to take your standard to the next level. You will gain a deeper understanding plus so many new moves it will keep you fired up for months after the event. You’re probably attending other classes right now or have done so in the past but you know you’re capable of more. Now’s the time for you to take the next step.

3 Advanced dancers

If you’re 100% committed to transforming your dance ability to an exceptional level then the advanced group is exactly what you need. You will be super passionate about dancing and you’ll probably find you’re absolutely transfixed by everything Street Dance related! You are probably in a crew, perform with others or have a desire to become exceptional at Street Dance. You know that you are in need of a whole new challenge and understand being surrounded by the best will help you become the best too. If this is the case it sounds like you’ll fit right in with all of our advanced dancers! When you surround yourself with brilliant dancers it takes your game to a whole new level. If you are prepared to give your commitment and energy this level will take you to places you didn’t think possible. Our advanced dancers have gone on to perform with the likes of Will.I.Am, Rita Ora, Leona Lewis, on TV shows like the X-Factor and on arena tours such as Michael Jackson’s “Thriller Live”. Our advanced level is perfect if you would like to be in our Urban Strides professional performance crews, you would like to become an Urban Strides professional teacher or you just want to become really, really, really good!

What Lucia had to say...

“Doing Hip Hop Don’t Stop has helped me learn so many new dance styles with the best instructors. I was nervous before I came but as soon as the first class started I was just vibin’ with everyone and it was really good, if you’re thinking about coming you should definitely come, it was a great opportunity, I’ll be coming again!”

Lucia – Milton Keynes

Instructors - hall of game

We pride ourselves on bringing you the most inspirational and knowledgeable Street Dance instructors in Europe. Every single one of them is selected because of their skill level and their ability to break it down for you so you can get better quicker. You can guarantee they all have serious game. So here is a selection of our previous teachers its our personal "Hall of Game"

Hall of game
Mechanikool P
Fred Folkes
Dickson Mbi
Brooklyn Terry
Sarah Jane Aboboto
Maria Swainson
Bgirl Roxy
BBoy Mouse
Kenrick H20  Boy Blue
Brooke Milliner
Simeon – Bird gang
Marcus “Epic-Phlave” Tucker
Kyle Jay
Mark Webb
Kymberlee Jay
Kate Prince

What the instructors say

What a 2x UK champion has to say…

“Urban Strides is the ONE! Young people don’t get this kind of thing in London, these young people are soooo lucky! The community vibe is one of the important things that makes Urban Strides…URBAN STRIDES!”

Dickson Mbi – 2 X UK Popping champ, Winner SDK, Fiya House, Prototype

You'll be in good hands, our qualified instructors have also taught...

What you will learn

  • Street Dance Foundations in Locking, Popping, House, Hip Hop + others
  • Development and creation of new movement
  • Street Dance history
  • Brand new choreography
  • The importance of individuality within what you're dancing
  • Skills and drills to take away and practice
  • Performance skills
  • Musicality - how to listen and interpret music
  • New innovations in styles and how our instructors are evolving the dance
  • How to freestyle and not feel like you’re running out of moves

What we believe

We passionately believe that authentic Street Dance should be accessible to everyone irrespective of their background. We know our Street Dance courses should inspire, motivate, encourage and develop your confidence. We practice what we preach, we want every experience you have with our community to make you smile and feel happy that your life is a better place for having Urban Strides in it.


What do our students say?

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Bucks New University

High Wycombe


HP11 2JZ


The next Hip Hop Don’t Stop will be for 5 days from
Monday 25th to Friday 29th July 2022
Book before Midnight Sunday 17th July and save £50


The nearest station is High Wycombe just 34 mins from London

Parking is available
We are 30 min from London

We are 30 min from Heathrow Airport


We have people travel form all over the world to attend Hip Hop Don’t Stop. In order to give something for everyone we have selected a list of suggested accommodation to suit everyone’s budget. Please be aware you will need to book your accommodation directly.


The cheapest option


Share with a group of friend


For a little more comfort

Accomodation in High Wycombe

To find out the most local accommodation to the event please email

What Amy had to say about Hip Hop Don’t Stop...

“I loved the buzz, the Street Dance skills, the instructors and the Urban Strides family! The atmosphere just can’t be found anywhere else and can’t be missed!” – Amy Honour – Chesham

It works

No matter what level you are currently at Hip Hop Don’t Stop has proven itself to transform your dance ability in a matter of days. It’s an essential element of the full experience of in-depth Street Dance training. All of our members of our professional performances crews have been to many Hip Hop Don’t Stop’s. We’ve found it to be an essential element to take our dancers to another level, it’s definitely helped our crews achieve some astonishing results. It has the potential to do the same for you too. Take a look at our slider below to what the Urban Strides crews have achieved thanks to the additional training of our Street Dance camp “Hip Hop Don’t Stop”…

Urban Strides Performance crews have...

  • Urban Strides has…

    … worked with Sir Richard Branson, James Corden and X-Factor winner Alexandra Burke to name but a few.

  • Urban Strides has…

    … appeared in 128 countries!

  • Urban Strides has…

    … been seen on 36 TV channels

  • Urban Strides has…

    … been viewed by a global audience of 1.73 billion people

  • Urban Strides has…

    … the distinction of being the first street dance crew in the world to open the Royal Variety Performance in the presence of Her Majesty the Queen

  • Urban Strides has…

    … performed on over 100 arena stages (that’s more than Lady Gaga)

Is this course for me?

  • Have you always wanted to take your Street Dance to another level?
  • Do you agree that being around exceptional instructors will help?
  • Do you have a passion for Street Dance?
  • Do you need an inspiration injection to keep you fresh?
  • Do you teach Street Dance and need to learn new moves?
  • Would you like to develop your authentic Street Dance skills and have fun?
  • Would you love to have the confidence to freestyle in a circle?
  • Do you want to feel part of a passionate and positive community?
  • Do you need somewhere new to go that will give you that edge?

What Amy had to say about Hip Hop Don’t Stop...

“You can’t improve it it’s already amazing! Hip Hop Don’t Stop is a brilliant experience that I guarantee you will enjoy!”

Kind words from our celebrity friends

Myself and Channel 4 needed some Street Dancers for the opening of one of our shows and Urban Strides was our 1st choice. Working with Andy and the Urban Strides team is always a pleasure, he makes the whole process a lot of fun and ensures we get a high quality performance at the end. He put me and my team at ease and before we knew it we were dancing like pro’s! We needed humour in the piece and Andy’s flexible nature meant we could create something funny we thought the audience would enjoy. His creative suggestions and execution was spot on. I would heartily recommend Andy and Urban Strides for any Street Dance experience whether it’s the opening of a TV show, the Royal Variety performance or a Street Dance Camp. Urban Strides make it fun, positive and an exciting experience-with their incredible passion and professionalism you can't help but want to get up and dance!

James Corden

James Corden

What Stacey Soloman has to say…

“Working with Andy has been a great experience! He’s helped me think about my performances in a new way and we had so much fun! Andy and Urban Strides are not only great performers but their positive energy and passion is infectious. I would definitely recommend Andy and Urban Strides, whether it’s for a street dance course or a show at the O2 arena, they’ll wow you with their passion and professional attitude and you’ll have a lot of fun whilst doing it!”

Stacey Soloman

We only have a limited number of places available...

At Hip Hop Don’t Stop we limit class numbers to give you the best experience possible and to make sure you have plenty of room to dance in the studios. Every Hip Hop Don’t Stop has sold out. In order to make sure you secure your place you need to take action today. Whether you decide to pay in full today or you would rather spread your payments over time you need to register your interest and reserve your place today. To reserve your place and save £50 click here.

Ask yourself - Would you like to?

  • Transform your confidence?
  • Learn brand new moves?
  • Find out the latest choreographic trends?
  • Learn Authentic Street Dance vocabulary and have fun at the same time?
  • Feel part of something that celebrates passion and a family atmosphere?

Hip Hop Don't Stop is £347

Early booking special offer
If you book before Sunday 17th July you will save a massive £50 and only pay £297

Two ways to Pay

1. Pay full amount today

2. Spread your payment over the next few months

Places are limited, reserve your place today and save £50

If after two workshops on the first day you don’t feel it’s the best dance event you’ve ever been to simply let us know and we’ll give you a full refund no questions asked.

Hip Hop Don't Stop FAQ's

What do I wear?

We are super chilled about clothing at Hip Hop Don’t Stop, our philosophy is be who you are! With that being said we would recommned trainers with a good sole for cushioning (to save your shins!) loose fiited clothing like tracksuit bottoms and a loose T-shirt, so you can move about freely. The majority of our students wear the Urban Strides clothing if you want to grab an Urban Strides T-shirt simply call our team on: 08448 488825 and we'll be more than willing to help.

What if I can’t afford it?

We understand that although Hip Hop Don’t Stop is as inexpensive as we can make it given the economic climate we know finances can be tight. This is why we offer our payment plan. To discover how the payment plan can help you call Alison on 08448 488825 and she’ll give you all the info you need.

I’m nervous about coming on my own.

Most people who come to Hip Hop Don’t Stop for the first time come on their own. When I travelled to learn from the pioneers I was nervous about the first time too. You should know that as soon as you walk through the door we will introduce you to people who have also come on their own so you can start to make friends right away. Fact: 80% of people that come to Hip Hop Don’t Stop for the first time come on their own.

What should I bring?

We would suggest several T-shirts to change into and a towel. Plenty of water and fresh fruit to keep you going throughout the day and a packed lunch. Oh and your passion…that’s pretty important!

I’m not local where can I stay?

There are several options depending on your budget we have several hotels and hostels available within walking distance. High Wycombe is situated 35 mins out from central London so it’s commutable each day as well. For more info on where you can stay call Alison on 08448 488825.

What if I don’t like it?

As with all of our experiences they come with a money back guarantee so quite simply if it’s not the best Street dance event you’ve ever been to just tell us after the second class on the first day and we’ll refund your fee in full.

How do I pay?

Simply click the link at the end of this page that reads, “Places are limited reserve your place today” and you can then pay by credit card or choose a payment plan. If you would prefer to pay by cheque or cash or over the phone using BACS please call Alison on 08448 488825 and she will be more than willing to help you with everything you’ll need.