What Stacey Soloman is really like...

Thursday, March 13th, 2014

Yo fam,

Some of you may know each year we do a 21 date arena tour taking in Dublin, Royal Albert Hall, Birmingham LG, Manchester MEN, Sheffield arena and end with 5 sell out nights at London’s O2. I feel very blessed to do the tour and each year as creative director I like to step up my game, stay fresh and bring something new to the show.

We always work with professional singers and this year we had Miss Stacey Soloman. Now whenever I work with an artist you never know what to expect. Are they gonna be a diva? If they’re a celebrity like Stacey will it make things difficult? How will they take direction? Will they be a team player?

Well after 5 weeks of being on tour I can honestly say what you see is what you get. Stacey is down to earth humble, hard working and takes direction and learning like a dream.

It made me realise. When people get celebrity status or some recognition they forget how they got the recognition in the first place. People start running around after you treating you like a princess and pretty soon you start to believe it. But remembering where you came from and how you got successful is more important than the success itself.

On your journey to wherever you’re going remember, its nice to be important but it’s more important to be nice. Having hung out with her I can report back that Stacey is just as lovely as she comes across, funny, humble and down to earth…how refreshing!

If you’ve ever had an interesting encounter with someone famous or have a funny story leave a comment below I always love to read your comments.

Have a great weekend and do something good this weekend… make someone smile!

Big Luv

Keep on dancing